Our history

Management du Groupe IMPAG


Remo Bernardi (CEO), Dr. Reto Hess (COO), Peter Alder (CMO) and Kaspar Steiger (CFO)

Managing Director IMPAG France: Isabelle Stussi


IMPAG Switzerland was the first part of the IMPAG group to be established and it was founded as a purchasing company for the textile industry in 1919. It has developed into an international trading and service company for natural and chemical raw materials and active ingredients.  

Thanks to the constant optimisation of our extensive product range, our expanded presence in Europe and our technical expertise, we are now one of the most successful and well-known suppliers of raw materials in the markets we serve.  

We attach high priority to innovation and advocate important values that embrace sustainability. This creates a robust foundation for the IMPAGs long-term, solution-orientated collaboration with our customers and our supply partners alike.

Very ancient IMPAG truck

IMPAG France

As part of its international development strategy, the IMPAG group, specializing in the distribution of raw materials for the cosmetics, chemical and food industries, created IMPAG France, its French subsidiary, in 2009.

The creation of this subsidiary was a key stage in the European expansion of the IMPAG group, which already had operations in Switzerland, Germany and Poland. Indeed, France is Europe's largest cosmetics market, in terms of both revenues and the number and variety of its companies. IMPAG France's offices are located in Nancy, in eastern France. 

In line with the current trend focused on the development of natural and organic products, IMPAG France's product portfolio has been put together with the aim of meeting the growing needs of cosmetic companies. It contains a wide range of cosmetic ingredients: functional ingredients (emulsifiers, surfactants...), skin feel and complexion control agents, sun filters, active ingredients for skin and hair.

Facts & Figures

  • Established in 1919
  • Subsidiaries in Switzerland, Germany, Poland, France and Austria
  • Management IMPAG Group: CEO Remo Bernardi, COO Dr. Reto Hess, CFO Jan Dätwyler
  • Managing Director IMPAG France : Isabelle Stussi
  • Independent Ownership
  • Approx. 185+ Staff (IMPAG Group)
  • 210 Mio. Euro Turnover (IMPAG Group)
  • 300’000 tons raw materials
  • Business Fields: Life Science & Material Science
  • Own storage facilities / filling infrastructure
  • Global Network regarding Raw Materials and Active Ingredients.
  • Formulation Laboratory for Life Science Applications
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