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Premium-quality base ingredients, innovative active ingredients and creative concepts for all types of applications: these elements have enabled our company to become a preferred partner in the cosmetics industry.

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Draw inspiration from new products, trends and concepts in the Personal Care sector.


EMULPHARMA WW GREEN: Solution for rinsable oils!

Discover EMULPHARMA WW GREEN, for the formulation of very fluid instant emulsions.


HYPERSEBORRHEA & HYPERHIDROSIS - Controlling the excess of sebum and sweat

Shiny skin, acne and spots? Clammy hands, unpleasant smell ? These signs are often characteristic of an excessive secretion of sebum and sweat (hyperseborrhea and hyperhidrosis).


FOAMING SURFACTANTS 3.0 - Waterless and Palm-free solutions

Environmental considerations lead consumers to favour water-saving hygiene formulas.